Spring 2018, Tue/Thu 12:30-1:50pm SSLH100



Mark Steyvers
Office hrs: Tue 3-4pm
Office: SBSG 2316

Administrative Teaching Assistant:
Ashley Thomas
Office Location: SSL413
Office Hours: TBA

Instructing Teaching Assistants:

Kino Zhao (
Office Location: SST792
Office hours: Wed 3-4pm

Alexander Bower (
Office Location: SSL483
Office Hours: Mon 1-2pm

Joseph Nunn (
Office Location: SSPB2296
Office Hours: Fri 2-3pm        


Syllabus PDF

Class Schedule

Date Lectures and Exams Readings Slides and Extra Material
Tue Apr 3 Introduction   PPT PDF
Thu Apr 5 Memory I Gazzaniga Ch. 7, pp 295-304 PPT PDF Additional background on Yield/Stop sign study
Tue Apr 10 Memory II Gazzaniga Ch. 7, pp 265-278 PPT PDF
Thu Apr 12 Memory III Gazzaniga Ch. 7, pp 279-284 PPT PDF
Tue Apr 17 Memory IV Gazzaniga Ch. 7, pp 285-294 PPT PDF
Thu Apr 19 Learning I Gazzaniga Ch. 6, pp 221-238 PPT PDF
Tue Apr 24 Learning II Gazzaniga Ch. 6, pp 239-263 PPT PDF
Thu Apr 26 Thinking I Gazzaniga Ch. 8, pp 309-321 PPT PDF
Tue May 1 Thinking II Gazzaniga Ch. 8, pp 321-328 PPT PDF
Thu May 3 Q&A    
Tue May 8 MIDTERM EXAM    
Thu May 10 Language I Gazzaniga Ch. 8, pp 329-331 PPT PDF
Tue May 15 Language II Gazzaniga Ch. 8, pp 332-337 PPT PDF
Thu May 17 Intelligence Gazzaniga Ch. 8, pp 338-352 PPT PDF
Tue May 22 Development I Gazzaniga Ch. 9, pp 357-373 PPT PDF
Thu May 24 Development II Gazzaniga Ch. 9, pp 374-380 PPT PDF
Tue May 29 no class    
Thu May 31 Development III Gazzaniga Ch. 9, pp 381-399 PPT PDF
Tue June 5 Emotion I Gazzaniga Ch. 10, pp 403-422 PPT PDF
Thu June 7 no class    
Mon June 11
FINAL EXAM: note the time
is not the usual class meeting time
Final exam covers:
All lectures after midterm
Ch. 8, pp 329-352
Ch. 9, everything
Ch. 10, pp 403-422


Discussion Sections

Section Room TA
1. Wed 4-4:50pm PCB 1200 Kino Zhao
2. Wed 6-6:50pm ICS180 Not offered
3. Wed 5-5:50pm PCB1200 Kino Zhao
4. Thu 3-3:50pm SSTR103 Alexander Bower
5. Thu 6-6:50pm SSTR103 Alexander Bower
6. Fri 9-9:50am SSTR103 Not offered
7. Fri 4-4:50pm DBH1500 Joseph Nunn
8. Fri 3-3:50pm SST120 Joseph Nunn