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In our current research, we are interested in exploring the "wisdom of crowds" phenomenon. We are looking at ways of combining knowledge of seprate individuals into the best answer the group can provide. In these experiments, we invite you to participate by answering some general knowledge questions.  

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The Wisdom of
The Crowds

15 minutes

In this experiment, we examine your ability to organize general and not-so-general knowledge into its proper order, and then compare your performance to the overall performance of the group. Participants are helping to build a predictive model for combining individual responses to find the proper ordering of the items in question. 



The Matching

20 minutes

In this experiment, we ask you to participate in a series of matching games. The goal is to match one type of item (such as a face) to another type of item (such as a name). We take an interest in these games because they allow us to study how people solve complex combinatorial problems. 



Classic PsiExp

A collection of some of our older, more interesting experiments. Enjoy! 

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